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The Selection 

Written by Kiera Cass, The section is the perfect book to cuddle up in your favorite spot on a cold day and get lost in the pages.

The selection is the most exciting event in Illea, especially for all young ladies. Thirty-five young ladies will be selected to be taken to the palace to compete and be chosen by the crown prince to become his wife and future queen. Everyone is excited to see who will be selected, well, almost everyone. 

America Singer could not care less about the selection. Why would she want to leave everything she knows for a stranger? Especially when she is already in love with Aspen. Even though Aspen is of a lower class, Aspen is the one and the only person she wants to marry. But when she and her family sit around their TV waiting for them to announce the 35 girls to be selected, America could not be more stunned when her name and picture are presented on live TV as one of the chosen. Soon America has been swept away to the palace, where she's thrust into a world full of glittering dresses, delicious food, and tons of petty fights between girls vying for prince Maxons attention.

 But after America meets prince Maxon, she realizes there is so much more to him than what she first believed. The longer she stays at the palace, America starts to build fast friendships and begins to wonder if there might be more for her here in the castle with Maxon than the life she had planned back home. 

What to expect

The selection is a relatively clean-written book suggested age for reading of 13 +, mentions of virginity and violent attacks on the castle.    

The Section is a beautiful book to get lost in. You will be transported to a palace full of heartache, newfound friendships, and plenty of giddy swoon-worthy moments. Book 1 of 5